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Tarp Key


The Key to Your Tarp locks it down. The simple design allows the user to use up to a 3.0mm diameter line and no technical hard to remember knots. Made from light weight aluminum, these little guys weigh in at just 2 grams each. 
To use them, feed your tarp line through the hole, come from the back side and wrap around the "key" and out the top side of the hooks. Then around the tree that shares your tree strap, loop around the lower hook and a pull to give tension. A twist of the line to create a loop similar to tying a shoe lace, loop over the lower hook and pull tight. To unhook, just slide the line off the hook and unravel. 

Offered as single items but generally used as a pair for tarp ridge lines

- made from 6061-T651 aluminum
- sold as a single item
- tumbled to remove burrs
- polished finish

- Items normally ship next day unless its a weekend or inventory is low then it could be up to 4 days after order is placed.

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