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Elephant trunks

  1. Will an elephant trunk work with any tree strap material larger than one inch?

    Nope, in order to use the elephant trunk you will need to use a one inch polyester strap.

  2. Will the elephant trunk work if I have a sewn loop at each end?

    Unfortunately no, because the 3 slots are design with two different widths, the sewn eyelet would pass through the first but not through the other two.

  3. What size rope will the hook feature accept?

    Any line that is smaller than 1/8" in diameter.

  4. Can I hang items from the hole and what is it's purpose?

    The elephants trunks were not designed nor tested with this in mind. However, if a tarp line or water catch was attached to the hole no issues should occur but pitch on the tarp might be a concern. The hole is there to reduce weight.

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