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A little history...


Attracted to nature as a young kid, I would find myself walking trails, building forts or just admiring the various shades of greens . It wasn’t until I was able to drive did my exploring of nature really take flight. My first backpacking trip was to the Porcupine Mountains in the upper peninsula of Michigan back in '99. It was on this trip where I learned it wasn't necessary to carry 5 liters of water in a park that had a river on every trail. Education came quick as that first blister was born and I soon realized that simplicity was key.
It was after a few of those lessons I began to understand simple but functional designs were the ones that improved a trip. With that philosophy, I have set out to improve experiences by offering simple but clever designs that improve back country experiences. 

Half the time I'm thinking parallel thoughts with a slight bias to the outdoors and hammocks. I've got other interest as well, like mountain biking and DIY projects around the house but I'm mostly thinking about when the next time I can get into the woods is. I'm always looking at two trees like women look at gardens but I'm not always thinking about how pretty they are but how nice it would be hung between them.

I do have to say, after tinkering around with outdoor hardware, hammocks, tarps and group hangs I've met and chatted with a lot of great people. I'd like to say thank you to Kevin, Paul, Scott and Brandon for all your input, responses to my questions, being patient with me and just being a great friend.



Some of my favorite and oftentimes stalked sites:

If I need to get some materials for a project such as fabrics, hardware or cordage I order for  below.

All my purchased hammocks and most of my tarps are from here.


A couple of my quilts are from here

This is where i live online and is packed full of information pertaining to how i like to camp/hike

One of my tarps is from here, normally the one i use when the wife or friend is with me or looking for a little less coverage

This place makes sick stuff, I've got a top and bottom quilt from here and is the maker of my go to under quilt.

If you ever need a mod to a piece of gear that is different, this is the place to go, they do beautiful work.